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supplier of advanced wound products | Non-Invasive Fractional Flow Reserved (NiFFR)

Effective wound management not only requires a thorough understanding of the process of tissue repair, but also having access to the best dressing materials and products currently available in the world | Non-Invasive Fractional Flow Reserved (NiFFR) developed by Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher (MSF) is coronary physiology simulation software used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of blood flow. The software provides a non-invasive method of estimating fractional flow reserve (FFR), Wall Shear Stress (WSS) and Index of Microvascular Resistance (IMR) using standard analysis from X-Ray angiography image data


MSF delivers specialized medical products and systems that help healthcare professionals
provide safe, high quality patient care. Our wide spectrum of science-based products and
solutions include advanced wound care, highest quality all-natural supplements, and innovative
precision diagnostic instruments and systems.

With a broad range of products and systems, we also offer targeted training programs
designed to suite hospital staff, private clinics, physicians, and registered nurses. Our training
programs are developed in collaboration with leading clinicians and clinical educators to
ensure highest standards of physiological accuracy and educational relevance.

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